Emergency COmmunications Box



ECoBox is a novel way to communicate rescue instructions in cases of emergency, where there is no internet connectivity, be it wired or wireless, due to an unpredictable disaster, even if this happens combined with a complete power outage.



It consists of a self powered device,acting as a Wi-Fi access point. The device itself uses rotating names (SSIDs) for the Wi-Fi network in order to broadcast encrypted messages, which can be detected as nearby networks.


special (free to download) application, running on smartphones or smartwatches,decrypts the messages, constructing the emergency instructions that need to be followed by individuals or groups in distress. The encryption of the messages ensures the identity of the sender, thus not allowing ill-intended individuals to exploit the mechanic for malicious purposes.

This solution can be essential in guiding trapped individuals or groups inside buildings that have been damaged from an earthquake, isolated due to a flood or tsunami, ships in the middle of the ocean, immobilized underground trains and many others.


  • Box side: While the device is powered on but the service is not switched on, the User Interface can be reached. There, the option to start the service remotely is available, as well as a menu to change the message for broadcast.
  • App side: Once the app is installed in the user's phone, the user can launch it and immediately start receiving messages. Once a message gets completed, the phone vibrates and notifies the user about the received message. If a smart watch is available, the message can be read from the watch as well.



  • Watch our demo
  • Development status: Beta version available for testing (Download the application)
  • Status of implementation: Beta version available as of September 2017
  • Researcher in charge of the project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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