W.A.M.P.A is a neck-mounted wireless livestock monitoring device. Uses accelerometer and GPS data, which are transmitted wirelessly from the collar via a base station to a Central Node on the farm. Analysis of the data, can aid in detecting heats, monitoring feeding and rumination patterns, animal welfare and managing the health status of the farm.

Sensors used:

By logging accelerometer data the behaviour of the animal can be identified
Knowing the exact location of an animal in real time can be very useful for finding animals that have strayed away from the herd.
Location data can be correlated to feeding and rumenation patterns.

Communications used:

XBee ZigBee
Covering a wide range while offering minimal power consumption contributes to a longer battery life.
Complete and detailed activity logs are transferred via Wi-Fi daily, when the animals are inside the barn.



  • Development status: Alpha testing
  • Project Responsible: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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